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Pendo Events

The Agent sends various virtual events for actions that occur. An identify event is sent when a previously anonymous visitor is uniquely identified by your application, either by providing the visitor configuration object to pendo.initialize() or by invoking pendo.identify() or pendo.updateOptions(). Updates to the identifying information, Visitor and Account Metadata, for your visitors are sent via meta virtual events.

Guide Events

The Guide sub-system tracks user interactions with displayed Guides through a series of Guide Events transmitted to Pendo whenever a Guide is presented or otherwise interacted with.

guideSeenEmitted every time a Guide Step is presented
guideAdvancedEmitted every time a Guide Step is advanced by a button action or via onGuideAdvanced
guideDismissedEmitted every time a Guide Step is dismissed by a button action or via onGuideDismissed
guideSnoozedEmitted every time a Guide Step is snoozed by a button action or via onGuideSnoozed
guideActivityEmitted every time a button within a Guide Step is clicked
guideNotSeenEmitted when a guide would have been seen but the visitor was in the control group for the guide
pollResponseEmitted when the visitor responds to an in-Guide poll question

See Guide Runtime to learn about the extended guide event system and to customize guide activity.

Event System

The Agent implements a simple event emitter pattern for specific synthetic events that customer applications might be interested in. Your application can register handlers for these events via the methods or by specifying handlers in pendo.initialize(options)

readyTriggered when the Agent is loaded and initialized, i.e. isReady would return true.
guidesLoadedTriggered when Guides have loaded successfully, including any associated content assets.
guidesFailedTriggered when Guides fail to load because of a network error or timeout, when guideTimeout or guides.timeout is set to a numeric value in milliseconds.

Event Example
.ready(function() {
// Do something once `pendo.isReady()` would return `true`
.guidesLoaded(function() {
// Do something when Guides load
.guidesFailed(function() {
// Do something when Guides fail to load

apiKey: 'YOUR_API_KEY',
visitor: { /* visitor `id` and metadata */ },
account: { /* account `id` and metadata */ },
events: {
ready: function () {
// Do something when pendo is initialized