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Browser Events

Pendo automatically tracks a specific list of native browser events, just by installing it. We call this Automatic Event Collection and the Auto Events that the Agent collects are:

  • click on any element, even elements that don't normally listen for clicks
  • focus on any focusable element that receives focus
  • change on any <form> field element, i.e. <input>, <select>, <textarea>, <button>
  • submit on the <form> element submitted

In all cases, Pendo collects the exact path to the target element of the event and the URL on which the element appeared. The element path includes relevant information about each DOM node along the way, dependent on the target tag. For example, a click event on an <a href="..."> tag collects the value of the href attribute. What attribute values are collected by default can be configured with Agent Options, but here's a quick snapshot of what we collect by default:

<img>src, alt

Pendo will avoid collecting the value attribute of any <input> elements clicked, except where that value is typically useful for targeting Features, namely <button> and button-like elements.

<button>name, value
<select>name, type, selectedIndex
<input>name, type
<input type="submit">name, type, value
<input type="button">name, type, value